Touch the seal

A fine and tactile experience of a seal, that at the same time gives you relevant information about the areas of the seal that you touch.
We were contated by the Fjord & BæltFjord & Bælt experience center in Kerteminde, who wanted an interactive experience with associated communication around a stuffed seal.

We put together a solution where we use a newly developed sensor technology and a number of other technologies in new constellations. We ended up with a very exciting solution with built-in sensors, so that the visitor by touching certain areas of the seal, activate media players that will show a small movie clip about the activated area on the screen behind the seal.

The seal can now be viewed – and touched – at the Fjord & Bælt experience center. Apart from having a lot of communication about the inner danish waters, they also have an active research station specializing in seals and porpoises.

CAT has taken the development of the new sensor technology further and found many more uses of it, i.e. in museums – where you may actually touch the displayed objects. The technology can be built in to just about anything and can also be used for i.e. light- and sound control.

For further information, please contact:

Morten Madsen | Mobil: +45 40 41 97 85 | Send an email

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