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…And we will help you turn your stories, visions, strategies and thoughts into real life experiences.
We provide the framework for a great experience anywhere a message or story needs to be communicated!

  • Great experiences make life interesting
  • Great experiences stick with you
  • Great experiences are the best way of communicating

Can help you with:
Idea and concept development, visualizations, interactivity, motion graphics, Instore TV, digital signage, 3D animation, video, photo, touchscreens, sensors, lights, sound, websites, prints on almost all surfaces… and much much more!


Communicating through experience – Get inspired.
Examples of exciting and alternative ways of communicating using both known and new media and technologies.

Communicating through experience:


ARLA Food fest

(Dansk) CAT har hjulpet ARLA med et Touchboard og en redesignet udgave af en gammel klassiker Kokasse Bingo Banko.



Everything can be turned into an active button.


Morten DD in the Old Town

In cooperation with the Old Town in Aarhus, CAT has produced an expert screen to the newly opened Hjørring-house.